So Beijing, the land of ten million bicycles and home to one of the oldest civilisations but to us it has been somewhat different….

I think Michelle has been photographed more than the Forbidden City…. I don’t think the Chinese have ever seen a white ginger girl on crutches and dodgy footwear before! Its not just a quick glance, its more a point and stare for ten minutes!

Saw some beautiful gardens and found a new craze which we believe would be better than internet dating. Parents bring a brief description of their children (height, age and interests) and a picture whilst other locals peruse the bits of paper to find the ideal match for their own children. We think this could really take off in Canon Hill park in Birmingham on a Saturday morning – Are your parents available for this Dave? 🙂

The other item to note is a slight toilet issue which has be felled one of the travellers. The toilets are mainly a hole in the ground which would be a challenge to most as it requires squatting, balance, and probably more importantly the use of both feet! Needless to say this has not provided amusement for the whole party. And to top things off, we came back to our hostel to find our toilet suitably blocked which required 2 Chinese men to plunge in unison for 30 mins to clear…let’s just say it was rather embarrassing!

Been to Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square…its like going through airport security to enter such tourist spots but they are beautiful all the same. Night Markets stock slightly different food than Camden Markets….starfish, scorpions, centipedes, dog and spiders just to name a few, feeling a little less adventurous we decided to settle for some fresh looking snake….michelle asked the chef what kind of snake it was to which he replied ‘one eyed’…not quite the response she was expecting lol…. It was tasty, bit chewy though!

P.S. The blog / Facebook is blocked in China so we can’t upload any photos via either at the moment.