Well, I’m pleased to report that the snake didn’t come back to bite us 🙂

We made it to the Great Wall which was an amazing experience…. Got the cable car to the top which was actually a ski lift so just a tad scary jumping on and off with crutches… My knuckles were white from holding on so tight! Got to the top and it was definitely worth the bum clenching ride – it was beautiful… Unfortunately I couldn’t tackle any of the stairs but Andy wandered off and took some fab pics for us!  Meanwhile I sat and was photographed by more Chinese!

Got the express train to Xi’an and have spent the last few days looking around the city… Have had a few meals where we have had to point at pictures on menus so god knows what we have eaten this week! 

Went to the Terracotta Army today which is why most people visit Xi’an….thousands of terracotta statues unearthed by a farmer digging for water back in the 1960’s which they believe is over 2000 years old….. Something magical and quite eery about seeing 8000 men standing in unison guarding an emperor which they buried from the world as soon as they completed it.

Foot update – have got rid of the crutches and gone on the special shoe…. Still can’t squat in the hole and trying to find a normal toilet here has been somewhat of a challenge!