Well, its fair to say that we are fully relaxed and refreshed. An unscheduled 7 day stop was just what we needed.

We stayed at Strawberry Bungalows in Otres Beach just at the end of the low season…..it was so quiet, for the majority of the time we were the only tourists on the whole beach which suited us perfectly as our day comprised of waking up, swimming, drying off, Michelle complaining that it was too hot and that she wouldn’t sweat so much in the UK, swimming again with some eating and drinking in between (50p a pint isn’t too bad).


Our evening view

Luckily this solitude did mean that no one heard the squeals coming from Michelle as she found some jelly fish swimming happily near her, or on the odd occasion that she woke up bleary eyed to find a frog in the bathroom. I obviously did the manly thing and went back to sleep!

Otres beach is completely undeveloped with a couple of bungalow hotels, mixed between locals living their lives…..we could wake up to find cows outside or be chilling on the beach as they wander by. Its a truely tranquil place which is a must see location before it becomes too commercial.

Strawberry bungalows was a lovely place to stay with the locals putting on a BBQ just for us where we feasted on fresh river clams, prawns, squid and some elephant fish. We were given copious amounts of drink and sampled pretty much every cocktail on the menu!

Nothing could ruin the peace even the occasional dodgy belly (the water comes out brown from the tap) and the constant fight against the sand flies, mozzies, and other unknown biting blighters which seemed to find me very sweet which I always knew but no one would agree with!!


Now in Phnom Penh for a couple of days…..