After travelling through Bangkok and Phuket we made it to our island destination of Koh Yao Noi which is a small island in Phang Nga Bay. We chose here for its isolation from the tourists, its location to the beautiful islands and its many empty beaches – we were not disappointed.

When we arrived we decided that we needed to hire a scooter as there is no public transport on the 18km of road around the island and only one friendly policeman. It was an experience as I was in charge with a squealing Michelle holding on nervously. After only a few km we came across a sign which said 3km to a beach and the road looked good so we soon headed for it. After a few hundred metres the road soon descended into a track which then became mud and rocks. Our first time on a scooter was an experience we would never forget….


Andy 'Easy Rider' Paish

Eventually we came to a clearing which gave way to an amazing beach. There were no foot prints in the sand and it felt like we were the first people ever to have found this place. A true sense of paradise.

As the rain clouds gathered we headed back to civilisation for some food and petrol. Here we witnessed a tourist much worse at riding than myself. Somehow he got confused between braking and accelerating, just about managed to jump off his scooter as it fell 4m off the local pier and smash into the rocks below. Luckily he didn’t follow his scooter, his sympathetic wife didn’t even check to make sure he was OK, bursting into laughter and taking photos of the smashed bike whilst the man lie there literally a foot from death.

The next day we hired our own long tail boat to go around a couple of the local islands in search of more paradise and for some snorkeling.


Our Long Tail for the day

Surrounding the islands are crystal clear waters and abundance of marine life, we soon grabbed our snorkels and underwater camera and dived straight in.


We spent what felt like hours watching many different fish go about their daily lives swimming amongst the coral and sea urchins. Eventually the fish started getting closer to us until one decided to bite my finger!


We then made it to Koh Hong which is a unique island, as we approached we went through this narrow gap in the rocks and were greeted by a lagoon which was no more than a foot deep surrounded by 50m high cliffs. We soon jumped out of the long tail and waded around looking in awe at the place as the sun baked our backs. Thankfully some cloud came over and we were able to enjoy our lunch and even found time to find some starfish.

This is easily the greatest place we have ever eaten lunch!


Leaving Koh Yao Noi we headed to our next destination of Krabi. The boat dropped us off 35km from town, the local taxi wanted £14 for the trip into town which seamed steep, noticing there was never going to be the bus which was promised, we asked some fellow passengers the best way to get to Krabi….. He kindly offered us a lift in his car so we followed him around the corner to be greeted by his ute…..We gladly jumped in the back praying for no rain and thinking that this was better than spending the taxi fare!

Apologies if this isn’t politically correct, however we are having some problems distinguishing if some Thai women are in fact men?!?!

Next stop, Koh Phi Phi.