Just a very quick update….our first class flight from Hawaii to New York was totally amazing!…however our flight was delayed yet again which meant we missed our connecting first class flight to Lima.

We landed in NY and were faced with SNOW which was not on our agenda!!! Dressed in flip flops, shorts and vest top we were not expecting to spend the night where it was currently minus ten degrees! We couldn’t do any sight seeing as we didn’t have any warm clothes to put on…spent 24 hours sitting in the hotel next to the heater!


Yes, that is a foot of snow!!!

Finally we boarded the plane yet again and lapped up the luxury in first class while it lasted…. Might I add, we did get some funny looks from the other first class passengers who clearly thought we didn’t belong there! 🙂

Arrived in Lima and have spent a couple of days just getting our heads back into back packer mode… It’s started happening again….being photographed by the locals and I even got filmed this morning for some kids English homework whilst Andy just sat laughing at all the funny questions I was asked!

First impressions of a South American city are exactly how we expected….manic, never sleeps, slums on the hill side along with the never ending honking of car horns.


The next few weeks are going to be an adventure and certainly the toughest we have faced yet.

Next up – fly to Cusco tomorrow…. Unfortunately back in economy class with a high chance of altitude sickness!