We reached our final destination at long last….we have had a fantastic week and a half at a 5 star resort on a private island off Dominican Republic….our days consisted of swimming, sunbathing, eating and drinking, sitting in our jacuzzi and drinking just a bit more! Just what we needed! 🙂


Well….. after 6 months of travelling we have now arrived back in England. We have travelled 60,000 miles through 17 countries in 5 continents and slept in 73 different beds. We have taken every mode of transport imaginable from plane, helicopter, train, ferry, bus through to wheel chair, hitchhiking, and even an elephant…. 33 flights to be exact! We have met many interesting people on our way and have many memories to last us a lifetime, and in case we forget there are the 8,000 photos to help us!!

Just about everyone has asked us where has our favourite place been and its fair to say that it is impossible to answer. Every single place has been different, and has its own unique characteristics which we have enjoyed. I personally could make a top 25 places but could not work out an order…. I know many life long dreams have been fulfilled!

We have not missed many things travelling; Michelle has missed vegemite on toast and the feeling of not sweating, I have missed salt and vinegar crisps and cider….we certainly haven’t missed the cold, rain or work!!! The only downside to travelling as we can see it are uncomfortable beds, how tiring it is, sweating bucket loads and the constant need for sun cream pretty much every day!


The travellers return!

But, as they say all good things must come to an end….we hope you have enjoyed following our blog, and we look forward to catching up with everyone. For Michelle it’s back to work and for me its job hunting time!

Much love
A & M